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Boys Soccer 2023-24 Season Recap

Soccer players stand together on field

Boys soccer at RHSA has once again put together a landmark season. Our current record of 8-6-1 puts us in the 9th spot going into the playoffs. Despite losing a heartbreaker to our long-term rivals, Huguenot High School, RHSA stands out as the number one team in the city yet again. 

Our win at Monacan demonstrated what can happen with discipline and persistence. Coming off a tough game against Manchester, the team maintained posture. Precise, patient passes led to a dominant team. Mario Girón Perez knocked a first goal early in the game off a perfect through ball from Elio Maquín Xux. Elio sealed the deal early in the second half with a go-ahead goal of his own, surging his goal total to 25 goals on the season, putting him at just under an average of two goals per game, an unprecedented figure in any league. Creating cohesive energy that surpasses individual talent is the difficult game of building a team. It is a credit to their own willingness to do the hard work of figuring it out that our players are where they are. Student leaders like Gerbín Cano Figueroa and Elder García Lemus helped create the chemistry needed to hold down a winning season. The strength of our program resides in the passion of our players.

Girls' Soccer 23-24 Season Recap

Trusting our players and showing them how to trust each other is the backbone of our program and this is how we will continue to build a successful program as we get new facilities. Soccer in Richmond Public Schools is entering a new phase of strong competition at the regional level. The rivalries we have in town make us all better and push us to hold our own against the surrounding counties. This is the first year for girls’ soccer at RHSA in a long time. What we see
from our girls now is similar to what we saw from our boys about 6 years ago. A strong, central group of dedicated girls is already forming and they will continue to grow these coming years.

Female soccer players gather on field